Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh the Ebilness of it all

Force Sensitivity, Level 1

Ah yes there is evil all around us, but who are the truly evil, and who are faking it? Which persons will be straight forward with you and help you out on the path to enlightenment and who will lead you astray?

Well I am not posting any hints or spoilers, you will have to take the challenge and see for yourself. Because this is part of the Cheddar academy, in order to login in to the test you will need to be registered with the Irregular Comics Forum (your user name and pass word will be the same for both)

If you are led astray by `perceived knowledge' and end up with a low score, you can refresh your studies with the Darths & Droids archives. All the answered are there for the padawan with his/her eyes open to wisdom.

My final result was 30/32 (9/10 points) and I will be talking the challenge again after suitable meditations.

Several days later: You have successfully detected the evilness or otherwise of 32 people out of 32. You score 10 points out of 10.
\o/ (The padawan is humble, the padawan does not gloat)

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