Thursday, October 22, 2009

Percentile Dice - Level 2 Force Manipulation

For some reason Youtube wants to censor the audio on my Video. I guess that they have never heard of Fair usage, Creative license, Fair Dealing or any of a dozen other `loopholes' for using samples and segments of copyrighted works. Of course the pressure likely comes from the RIAA lobby which doesn't really speak for the artists.

That rant being said and posted, here is the unaltered, original video with sound that YouTube does not want you to hear. As far as Cheddar challenges go, this was more difficult than most and the past week I've been having problems with my editing software. I ended up removing the program, and any programs that I thought may be clashing with it, cleaned my registry files (over 1700 errors found) and ran complete scans for malware, virus and Trojan programs. Now everything seems to be stable. This technological marvel is no match for the power of the Cheese, but for now it will fulfil it's roll.

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