Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leftovers become Epic

At the inspiration of (another) web forum user's suggestion, I prepared Sandwiches for Illiway's on Friday and being a wise Cheddar monk, I also documented the process for future generations.

So without further delay, I present "The SnArL epic coronary delight" What follows may frighten children, panic politicians and cause miscarriage in pregnant women. It is not recommended for the amateur and should only be consumed within 10Km of a fully equipped emergency medical facility.

1. The first step is to assemble your ingredients. For each sandwich you will need the following.
- 2 (two) slices of sandwich bread white or whole wheat
- 1 (one) medium egg, fresh, raw
- 3 (three) slices of thick cut bacon
- 1 (one) block of strong hard cheese Cheddar is preferred
You will also need a 20-30cm frying pan Teflon no-stick is advisable.
2. Place the three strips of bacon in the frying pan and turn on the heat to medium low. it is easiest to cut the bacon strips in 1/2 before cooking. The stove setting will depend on your stove and frying pan. You want a warm even heat that will cook the bacon but not scorch the juice and fat. cook the bacon slowly, patience is a virtue. Turn the bacon several times during cooking to prevent curling.

3. While the bacon is cooking, cover both slices of bread with thin sliced cheese (use of a cheese scraper is recommended)
The cheese is the `force' that will bind your sandwich together. A light cheese will not lead you astray.

4. Once the bacon is done to your preference place three 1/2 strips on each slice of bread as shown.

5. Next comes the egg. cook it in the bacon fat. pinch of seasoning salt, basil, or black pepper is optional. keep the heat low, and cook the egg flipping over once. cook until both sides are done but the yolk (yellow stuff) is still a little runny.

6. Slap the egg on to one slide of the sandwich. things are now starting to take shape. At this point you have the option of adding a slice of tomato (not shown).

7. Add a few extra slices of cheese. When the sandwich is grilled, the melted cheese will act as a stabilizing material and hold the completed meal together.

8. Using the remaining bacon fat, grill the assembled sandwich in the frying pan with a lid. (Lid removed for picture to show sandwich) Use care in flipping the sandwich over, as it will not hold together until both sides are cooked and all the cheese has melted.
Use care to brown the sandwich without scorching the bread. You may need to increase heat to medium, but keeping it covered while cooking is the best way to get even heat.

9. Your SnArL epic coronary delight is now ready for eating.

Note: This meal is neither recognized nor condoned by the Cheddar academy, The Jedi Council, Darths & Droids, nor the UserFriendly family of forum users.

Any one attempting this meal does so at their own risk and neither the Author, nor affiliated forum administrators may be held liable for any health issues that may arise.