Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cutting the cheese

Well it seems that the Cheddar masters have decided that I am in need of some more training in the kitchen. After being bested by the chocolate, they felt that perhaps the cheddar monk's natural affinity to cheese may help regain some of my confidence. Who am I to question the wisdom of the masters?
So once I acquired a moderate sized slab of cheddar, my next problem was what to make, that would both reflect the skill of a cheddar monk, and impress the cheddar masters. (in so far as they are immune to a student's influence)
Well what would a cheddar monk be without a Cheese saber? so, with the Supervision of my Cheddar Kitty, Knuckles the Mafia Cat, I set out to convert the cheese into a tool of aggressive negotiation.
The completed cheese saber

Detailed view of activation switch and beam emitter

Three views (with hand for size comparison)

Two views with switch activated.

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  1. Wow! You bleu my mind! This will whey heavily on my mind.